Thursday, October 16, 2008

From our newsletter...

From the latest issue of the Something New e-mail newsletter...

Bag one of these!

If you kitchen and pantry are like mine you have plastic bags stuffed all over the place. You can never find one when you need one and when you don't need one they seem to be spilling out everywhere.

Oxo - the kitchen gadget company - has come up with a solution. A stainless-steel solution at that! Their new Good Grips Bag Holder as seen in the photo gives you a convenient place to store plastic bags and find them when you need them. Simply stuff bags in the top and pull them out the sides. There is a removable divider that you can use to keep two different sizes separated. Now that's smart!

You can hang the Oxo Bag Holder on your pantry door or store it in a drawer or on a shelf. It holds about 50 plastic bags. It's great for keeping plastic bags out of reach of children too! The cost? About $20.

Click here to find out more about the Oxo Bag Holder.

While we don't have samples available for you to try click here to have a chance to win one! StartSampling will randomly select one lucky person to win one of these bag holders. It could be you!

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Anonymous said...

A cheaper way is to use an empty tissue box. I use the square kind. Scrunch the bags up small and stuff them in one at a time. You can store a ton of bags, and they pull out like kleenex.

sarah said...

I can't seem tofind the place to sign up