Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wow Factor!

Introducing a new recurring feature on the StartSampling News blog called 'Wow Factor!' Whenever we see a fact or story that makes us say 'Wow!' we will write about it in this blog. Did you see something that made you say 'Wow!' - tell us about it by sending an e-mail to somethingnew@startsampling.com. We might publish it!

With the movie 'The Dark Knight' crossing $500 at the domestic box office it is officially listed as the 2nd top grossing movie of all time (after Titanic) but when you adjust movie ticket prices for inflation the top 5 movies of all time actually are:

Gone with the Wind made about $199 million in 1939 - $1.43 billion adjusted gross - wow! Star Wars made about $461 million in 1977 - $1.26 billion adjusted gross. The Sound of Music made about $198 million in 1965 - $1.008 billion adjusted gross. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial made about $435 million in 1982 - $1.004 billion adjusted gross. The Ten Commandments made about $65 million in 1956 - $927 million adjusted gross.

So, The Dark Knight has a ways to go...

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