Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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You gotta love strawberries - they’re juicy, they’re flavorful and they’re good for you! What’s not to like? Well, maybe one thing. It’s not easy to get the leaves and hull (yeah, that’s the name for it) out of the strawberry so you can enjoy it. Until now. Kitchen gadget maker Oxo has come out with a strawberry huller that makes it easy to enjoy them!

Just take the huller, pierce the strawberry and scoop to remove the leaves and hull in one motion. When you are done simply press the button on the end and you are ready for the next one. No fruit is wasted unlike if you take a knife and cut off the end of the strawberry.

Click here to visit Oxo’s site to find out more! The strawberry huller is only $5.99 and given the price of strawberries these days it will pay for itself very quickly – especially if you cut off the end of the strawberry to eat them!

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