Thursday, April 3, 2008

From our newsletter...

From the latest issue of the Something New e-mail newsletter...

Friends 2B Made

If you have children or grandchildren chances are good you have visited a Build-A-Bear Workshop in the mall and created special stuffed friends for them to play with and love. The creators of Build-A-Bear have a new creation of their own - a new store called Friends 2B Made that is geared towards girls. The concept is the same but instead of stuffing a bear or other animal you are creating a stuffed doll. The dolls are very cute and come in a variety of hair colors.

Price-wise you can expect to spend a bit more than in the Bear stores since - unlike the stuffed animals - you can't really leave the doll undressed. Tons of clothes, shoes and accessories are available - for additional cost of course!

So, be prepared to open your wallet wide but you will get a special doll that your daughter or granddaughter will love for many years.

To find out more, click here.

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