Friday, January 11, 2008

From our newsletter...

From the latest issue of our Something New e-mail newsletter...

Be TRU to yourself

Talk about new and improved! CoverGirl has come out with a new makeup like no other. Called TRUblend, this new makeup looks so much like your skin it's virtually undetectable. Even when someone sees you up close they won't be able to see your makeup. Yes, it's true (sorry, couldn't resist).

The following products are available - TRUblend Pressed Powder, TRUblend Liquid Makeup, TRUconceal Concealer, TRUcheeks Blush and TRUblend Whipped Foundation.

Click here to visit the TRUblend website where you can see what products work best for you and experience a makeover online - enter your hair color, skin color, eye color and shades of clothing you wear and they will color match what would work best for you. It's easy and fun!

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